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Pont del Bisbe

The Pont del Bisbe, an iconic bridge in the beautiful city of Barcelona, stands majestically in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, connecting the imposing Barcelona Cathedral with the historic Plaza de Sant Jaume. This elegant Gothic-style structure is not actually Gothic as it was erected in 1928 during the ambitious revitalisation of the neighbourhood under the direction of Gaudí’s talented disciple, Joan Rubió i Bellver.

The bridge’s mission was to create a pedestrian walkway linking the Casa dels Canonges, also known as the Casa dels Canons, with the Palau de la Generalitat, the Palace of the Generalitat de Catalunya, which has long served as the official residence of the presidents of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Despite its youth in terms of age, the Pont del Bisbe has managed to position itself as one of the most photographed elements in the heart of Barcelona despite being harshly criticised by the locals of the time. Its fame lies in the mystery hidden beneath its central arch, where there is an intriguing representation of a skull pierced by a dagger. This symbolism usually evokes the idea of violent death or murder, and has led to speculation as to whether Bellver intended to convey a message to those who criticised or underestimated his work. A persistent legend surrounding this iconic bridge holds that if the dagger is ever separated from the skull, Barcelona will face the threat of the destruction of its buildings. However, the more optimistic believe that walking backwards while gazing intently at the skull and making a wish can attract good fortune.