Our virtual escape room for companies offers you a single game but a thousand stories! To achieve the objective, the participants must solve all the riddles before time runs out, to get it they must work as a team and especially know how to work under pressure since at all times they can see a live ranking, with the positions of the teams.

MODALITY: Our online escape room is the perfect activity to share with your colleagues no matter where they are, they will forget that they are in different places and work as a team. It is a fun and challenging activity.

Up to 200 pax.
60 minutes
Spanish & English

The team building activity is designed to be carried out telematically by connecting through a computer.

You will have a live ranking, updating the positions of all the teams at the moment.

One captain per team, as many teams as you need.



Don’t worry if our alien scares you, we have other less intimidating characters 🙂 Our game masters can play any role so if you have an idea for the story we are all ears, but don’t worry too much, our stories are very complete and fun experiences. The role of the game master is to energize the activity and give clues to the teams or participants who need it.


Only if you pass all the tests this clever hacker proposes will you convince him to free your servers and your bank accounts.


Obsessed with the fact that human beings do not take advantage of their full potential, they will test your ability to resolve and work under pressure.


A presenter will energize and help you during the game without drama or fiction. Can you think of any other character? Tell us…


We proposed a challenge to them, to make a special Team Building for our 100 workers and they greatly exceeded our expectations. They made us spend a super fun day and in a very personalized way, I would certainly recommend them for company activities and of course, also for smaller groups without hesitation! I will certainly keep them in mind for the future.

Fun Escape Room with difficult tests to solve. We form 6 groups and all teams compete within the same space. Ideal for teamwork in the office and a 10 for the assembly and the entire Roomboescape team!

We hired Roomboescape to carry out a TeamBuilding activity at the Company level. It has been totally a success and the participants have come out very happy, besides that it has been a very fun and motivating activity. As a company and with Roomboescape, we have achieved our objective that the participants interact as Teams and be a fun activity, after two intense days of meetings. The Escape Room that Sergio prepares with his Roomboescape Team is different from the usual, so they also made the participants very surprised. Fully recommended, very well organized and professional. Thank you very much for making it possible to meet our goal.

The Room Escape experience was very enjoyable. The level of demand was good, the right mix between challenging and manageable. The tests seemed entertaining and ingenious to us. It was well organized for the large size of the group and the groups did not disturb each other. In addition there were several activities at each moment so that all the members of the group could participate actively at the same time. In short, a highly recommended activity.


From the first moment they have been predisposed to come to our store to plan and adapt the escape room to our facilities, taking into account that we were a group of 140 people. We have been very grateful that communication has always been fluid from the first moment. The activity creates a lot of team dynamics, allowing you to get to know each other more and work as a team. In addition, since it is not a completely static activity, it allows the members to be active and willing to continue revealing challenges.

Among the participants we had two people with different abilities and they had the predisposition to adapt some tests so that they could participate in the activity.

Without a doubt, what we have valued the most is the speed and ability to adapt to our needs.

You just had to see the happy faces we had at the end of the activity to know that it was a resounding success, personally I see this dynamic very successful. The group got involved, and was in the game from minute one, a 10 by the organizing company. We leave our “natural habitat” inside the factory to share something different with our colleagues … the activity brings togetherness, competitiveness, dialogue, organization, respect, listening and being heard, group coordination, fun …

We did a Team Building activity with RoomboEscape and it really met the objectives and expectations we had. We are a company of 100 employees from different departments, so it is sometimes difficult to carry out joint activities. This activity made it possible for us not only to unite but also to work together, rowing in one direction at the same time, in the end that is the success of any company. Thanks to Sergio and Vicky who from the beginning captured the essence of all, we really enjoyed and have managed to improve the relationship between departments and as in the activity work for common objectives.

The activity that the entrance roomboescape offers us is out of the ordinary, and the grace is that it can be mounted anywhere, an effect that always surprises the participants. It starts with a video that already puts you in a situation and makes you suddenly enter the role and get down to work to overcome the challenge against the clock. During the activity, you pass different tests where ingenuity prevails and above all teamwork and in the end time flies by. A 100% recommended activity and an excellent organization.

Take 90 people from 10 different teams and 2 different organizations, put them together on a Friday afternoon for a room-escape event at the office, add collaboration, fun and teamwork to the mix. Here’s a perfect ONETEAM!
Thanks Roomboescape for making it memorable!


Due to the originality of our outdoor escape room format, being pioneers in Spain.